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We are a team of dedicated professionals in the personal training and fitness space.

Valerie Maillet

Personal Trainer & Neuromuscular Therapist

About Valerie

With a decade of Personal Trainer experience, Valerie is a real powerhouse when it comes to transforming the lives of others. Her focus is on fitness, weight loss and weight gain, as well as pre- and post-natal fitness. She also works with clients in the areas of senior fitness, rehabilitation and posture, along with functional training and core & balance. Valerie is also qualified in applying neuromuscular therapy massage which eases pain in trigger points. She helps clients with injuries, as well as those with general muscle strains and stresses.

Valerie specialises in one-on-one Private Personal Training, Group Personal Training and Corporate Wellness programmes, whether for general health and fitness, dealing with stress management or achieving bodyshaping results. She is a personable and natural communicator who keeps her clients motivated through reminders, education and fitness journals, not to mention mobile apps and rewards!

Valerie’s fitness ethos is that good aging is the key to happiness and her goal is to change her clients’ lives forever! The proof of Valerie’s dedication to fitness is in her own personal achievements. She’s run a marathon in four and a half hours, sprinted a triathlon in just over an hour and a quarter and competed for Ireland in the Land Rover G4 Challenge.

ACE Personal Trainer

HDip Neuromuscular Therapy
NCEF National Certificate in Exercise & Fitness

eimear naughton personal trainer from bodyscene dublin

Eimear Naughton

Personal Trainer & Fitness Coaching

About Eimear

Eimear has a genuine passion for fitness and healthy living. She loves working with people and helping them develop, whether it be through teaching, coaching or training. This has been the focal point of her professional career. Her strongest trait is her ability in being able to motivate others to exercise. Eimear will motivate clients into enjoying fitness. During each session, you are likely to experience a lot of laughter and the occasional dancing session. The perfect combination to lift your mood and motivational needs.

She is a very approachable and enthusiastic trainer. She loves setting targets with individual clients and enjoys nothing more than seeing each client reach their personal health and fitness goals.

Eimear has been involved in various sports from a young age and she was recognised by others as a real all round competitive athlete. The sport she is most gifted in is basketball, where she has represented Ireland numerous times in International competitions. This has led Eimear to continue to coach basketball for over 10 years. Her most recent endeavor is open water sea swimming, where she will compete all over Ireland.

Eimear wants to keep progressing within the fitness industry and is always willing to learn and introduce new techniques. She is motivated to continue studying and staying up to date with the latest movements and trends in the fitness industry.

BSc Sports Management and Coaching
ITEC Personal Trainer and Fitness Instructor
Coaching level 1 for Rugby, Basketball and GAA

gwen kelly from bodyscene personal training in dublin

Gwen Kelly

Mind Management/Life Coach

About Gwen

Focus – Believe – Achieve
Change your mindset..change your life.

Passionate about how the mind works, Gwen is a fully qualified Holistic NeuroCoach, Mindfulness Coach and Speaker. She educates and coaches her clients on how to train their thought processes, fulfil their potential and achieve success in both their personal and professional life. Gwen brings her knowledge and wisdom of many applied psychologies including Mindfulness, Hypnotherapy and NLP and combines them to incorporate powerful mind techniques to bring about personal growth, reduce stress and anxiety, improve confidence and self-esteem and change limiting thought processes among a few. Gwen will empower you and inspire you to achieve your goals and create the life you want.
She has been interviewed for documentaries for RTE, has done many radio interviews and magazine editorials.

BA in Business
Diploma in Mindfulness, Hypnotherapy, NLP.
Member of the International Alliance of Holistic Therapists.

Eoin Hannigan from Bodyscene personal training in dublin and online

Eoin Hannigan

Personal Trainer, MSc, BSc

About Eoin

Eoin’s career in training started at the age of 18 when he chose to study exercise, health and nutrition to  finally certify with a Masters (MSc) in Exercise and Nutrition in 2012.

Eoin has worked as a gym instructor, personal trainer, nutritionist and health coach for 9 years . He has been fortunate enough to travel on numerous occasions with career opportunities, visiting Australia & The Middle East along the way. Eoin believes that working with clients from diverse cultures & backgrounds has had a massive impact on him evolving as both a fitness professional and a person.

He is a highly skilled exercise professional with the ability to create and implement successful exercise programmes for populations ranging from elite athlete to sedentary individual. Through continued education he has developed an in depth knowledge of most recent nutrition science to enhance performance and has a great understanding of dietary plans for all populations.

Some of his qualifications and experience are:

Master (MSc) in Exercise & Nutrition Science Bachelor of Arts (BA) in Exercise and Health Studies European Health & Fitness Ass. (EHFA) Level 3 Personal trainer

Fitness Australia Exercise Professional

Irish Sports Council, Code of Ethic Good Practice for Children’s Sport Certificate

Level 2 Emergency Medical Service First Response Precision Nutrition Level 1 Certification in Exercise Nutrition

ramon horca Personal Trainer & Fitness Coaching bodyscene dublin

Ramon Horca

Personal Trainer & Fitness Coaching

About Ramon

A 10-year veteran of the fitness industry, Ramon’s professional journey in health and well-being started when he began working for an organic food producer in 2004.

After a few years of training friends and family out of his home gym in Bray, he realised where his true passion lay. He qualified as a personal trainer at the National Training Centre in Dublin in 2010 and has never looked back!

He began coaching professionally at a small studio in Blackrock, Co Dublin before moving to a larger gym nearby as word spread and his client base grew.

His approach to training has a very strong emphasis on nutrition and overall health, underpinned by a holistic philosophy.

Anyone training with Ramon knows how his passion and enthusiasm are infectious…and matched with a level of knowledge, and attention to detail, that is hard to beat. Never one to rest on his laurels, he is always reading, learning, and keeping up to date on the latest developments. He is a real people person and loves the connection that is achieved when coaching someone.

National qualification in exercise, health studies, sports nutrition and personal training – Level 4 EHFA and EQF accredited from The National Training Centre Dublin 2010

About Us

A Quality, Personalised Approach To Fitness That Promises Results!

We work with people of all ages and fitness abilities, from short-term intensive programmes to long-term training. What everyone has in common is that after the BodyScene Personal Training treatment, their lives and bodies are transformed. From individuals wanting to workout in the comfort of their own homes, to big Corporate Wellness projects, here are just a few good reasons why we’re Dublin’s premier off-site Personal Training.

  • We travel to you – we fit in with your life, your schedule and your comfort!
  • Results driven – we create a clear fitness strategy with defined goals.
  • Personalised fitness – tailor-made to be the most effective, efficient route to a fitter you.
  • Qualified & experienced Personal Trainers – think of us as personal fitness gurus.
  • Motivated, dedicated & personable Personal Trainers – we are committed to you.
  • Professional equipment brought to you – we bring the gym to you.
  • Engaging & energising workouts – BodyScene gives your system a real boost.
  • Relaxed yet focussed environment – a serious approach to fitness that’s enjoyable.
  • Assessment & monitoring – we follow your fitness journey and keep you on track.
  • Add-on services – with complementary Nutrition and Neuromuscular Therapy experts.

Want Results?

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