Here are some testimonials from our clients.

I’ve been using their services for the last 2 years. Very happy! All trainers are very professional, very friendly and dedicated. They really saved me during the lockdown (I was sweating as much on Zoom). Highly recommend to anyone.

Natalya Price

Through Valerie’s guidance and consistent exercise, my body shape has dramatically improved and my confidence levels have been restored. Valerie and Eimear’s positivity and encouragement really motivated me. 

Lauren Mallon

I decided to look for and try out a personal trainer. Fortunately I met Valerie and very quickly discovered that I had chosen the best for what was a new experience for me.
Firstly I discovered that regular training sessions with a PT offered many advantages. The discipline of having a commitment with a PT meant that I got all the health and well being benefits of regular exercise including in particular resistance exercise.
Secondly I discovered the importance of getting a PT with all the skills and personality to make workouts both beneficial and enjoyable.

Valerie ticks all the boxes and I unhesitatingly recommend her as a personal Trainer based on my excellent personal experience.

Jim Flavin

My waistline was increasing and my posture needed a revamp. I ached all over whenever I did my chores at home. I needed help and good advice. I made contact with BodyScene.

Valerie expertly assessed my situation and proposed a suitable programme for me. It was tough. The first few sessions left me exhausted but invigorated. I could quickly see results. I lost a little weight, had increased energy and my friends remarked at my well being. I fully recommend BodyScene to all that looking for a healthy and tuned body.

Seamus Warren

I have been working with Valerie for the past 6 months and have found her to be reliable, motivated, enthusiastic and very knowledgeable. Her workouts are challenging and I’m happy to recommend her as a personal trainer.

Aveen Gray

If you would like to get fit, improve your diet and feel more positive but struggle to put together a consistent programme then it would be worth your while contacting Valerie at Bodyscene. Having trained and been advised by Valerie over a number of years I would have no hesitation in recommending her.

Frank Heath

Thanks to the help of my personal trainer Valerie I have been able to lose 2 stones. She has kept me motivated all the way through. The workouts have been varied, progressive and tailored to my needs and fitness level. Valerie knows what it takes to transform your body shape, therefore she pushed me hard enough to reach that level. It is great to have someone organising everything for you, training, diet, fitness retest and bringing the gym to your home. Valerie worked with me on an ideal weekly food plan, where she included only the foods that I like, advising of the right portion sizes too. All I had to do was to use the shopping list provided with the plan and went online to buy all the right foods. I must say, that was a relief because I was confused and never knew where to start!

All I had to do was follow the plan and get fit! It has been amazing to see the weight dropping every week and to learn as I go along. I feel all the benefits of this experience and shall pursue this good lifestyle for the many years to come! Having a personal trainer is more important to me than anything else as it keeps me focused on my health and wellbeing. I know I would not be as disciplined without someone coming to my house. Hiring a personal trainer has been one of my very best investments.

Meghan Kennedy

Neither my best plans nor most sincere intentions got me fit. Valerie helped me achieve that. Now most importantly she helps me keep motivated despite my often reluctant self. Finally, my sense of humour remains intact.

Conor Hayes

I would highly recommend Valerie as a personal trainer. She has been a great help to me to reduce weight, improve flexibility and increase my running speed. Valerie doesn’t apply a rigid approach but develops plans and exercises which are adapted to your specific needs and feedback. She is always positive and good fun to train with.

David Dalton

For years I used my local gym intermittently and was constantly brought through the same exercises and routines over and over again. I wasn’t happy with the results I was getting for the money I was spending and I found the motivation side hard. Following the receipt of an inspiring marketing flyer from Valerie, I decided to try my luck with her, and I haven’t looked back since. I cannot recommend Valerie and Bodyscene highly enough.

Fergus McLoughlin

Hi Valerie! It’s Hazel here and I’m e-mailing you on behalf of P6. I’m going to tell you a bit about what happened in the RDS yesterday. Well, we got there at around 9 o’clock and started setting up. You have a full page in the final report that’s just about you!

A lot of people came to our stand to see what it was all about. We were there for a while and the judges came around to us twice which is very good because they come around twice if the project is really good! We found out that we were in the top five and were very excited! Some of us got to go and see the other projects (we took it in turns to watch the stand) and they were very good!

Finally, it got to the prize giving and we were soooooo excited! And guess what…… we won! We won a big silver cup (and I mean big!) and a glass plaque! We want to thank you so much for coming in and telling us more about fitness we are really grateful! If you send us your e-mail address we can send you a copy of the final report! Thanks so much.

Hazel, Miss Kelly and P6!

Valerie is very helpful and thorough. She keeps me focused and is very encouraging.

Iris Styles

My wife bought me 10 sessions with Valerie for my 39th birthday, not that I thought I particularly needed it! As a passable if a little fragile rugby player who should have retired years ago I was used to being fit, but the arrival of our two children meant that I had very limited ‘me time’.

After an initial assessment, Valerie and I discussed what I wanted to achieve; which was essentially to get fitter and loose my ponch. She then set out a training programme and diet regime. We meet once a week for a session that varies from weights to a run to a cycle. Valerie makes sure every press-up, every lunge, every stretch is done properly. She doesn’t sympathise when my muscles ache. But I’m feeling healthier and (even if I say so myself) looking better than I have for years.

Valerie has given me the focus to achieve my goals, so much so that I’ve signed up for a triathlon in May and am loving the training for it. That’s why I recently booked another 30 sessions. I would have no hesitation recommending that anyone invest in a set of sessions with Valerie. You will not regret it, even if it does mean aches and pains from time to time in places you did not know you had!

Stephen Mandal

Good intentions only go so far! A programme, tailored to you, together with a gentle push, turn good intentions into a routine, and from there into results. Valerie manages to do all of this. It’s sometimes challenging, but never anything other than fun.

Peter Gray

When I first met Valerie, I was very unfit and stressed. Valerie worked with me on my diet and through the personal training really improved my fitness. I have to say she has made a huge positive effect on me and my family and I will be forever grateful. I would highly recommend Valerie for anyone to improve their fitness, attitude to life or posture.

Paul Leonard

Working with Valerie from BodyScene for five years has brought me to fitness levels that I thought were unachievable. Impact in all areas of life is real and positive. Understanding of food makes eating interesting and you learn what is good and bad but with a bit of fun. She helps you achieve in well being whilst enjoying the exercise and focus. Helps you over the periods when you slip backwards and gets you back on positive track. Great person and fitness mate.

Peter Quinn

Since I began with Valerie I have lost weight, gained fitness and reduced stress. I would have no hesitation in recommending her to others and it is all done been achieved in a friendly and reliable manner.

Nora Lynch

Since I began with Valerie I have lost weight, gained fitness and reduced stress. I would have no hesitation in recommending her to others and it is all done been achieved in a friendly and reliable manner.

John Moran

Excellent training by a true professional who is dedicated to results and improving your overall fitness and well being. Transformative!


Valerie is a great personal trainer- motivator, focussed and very professional. She has been of significant help to me in improving and maintaining my fitness levels. Very happy to recommend.

Terence O'Rourke

Fantastic service for a pre-wedding body blitz. I called on Body Scene to help to shape up for my wedding day. It was really impressive how quickly I saw the results in both my shape and my posture. Everyone was commenting on the transformation at the wedding and it also gave me a lot more confidence in myself. Can’t recommend Valerie and Body Scene highly enough. Whatever your fitness/body needs there is nowhere else I would think of going to in Dublin.

Kat Mulcahy

I started working with Valerie in October and the impact on my fitness and health has been fantastic. Valerie developed a special programme for me which has enabled me to lose 28 lbs in weight and to reach a level of fitness which I have not had for a long time. Valerie is a real professional who works with you to achieve your goals. She continues to focus you on improving and getting to the next level & then develops the next programme for your new fitness level. She does a really great job and a pleasure to work with.

Mark Ryan